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Mamacloth is an emerging Own and private label clothing manufacturing company that has been working for small to large fashion brands all over the world. Located in the India, with many years of garment experience under our belt, we have dedicated clothing manufacturers mainly targeting startups and big brands. We deal with different categories of clothing such as Shirt, tops, t-shirts, Pants, Uppers, Sportswear, hoodies etc. from plain to chic, from casual to formal, we are able to manufacture varieties of clothing options for our clients. Our work is our passion and we love to explore new possibilities of fashion for brands out there. 

Our services include Fabric/Material Sourcing, Sampling, Pattern Making, Sizing, Grading, Marking and Bulk plus Small Quantity manufacturing along with shipping, etc. Serving as custom cloth manufacturing, we can do the fabrication of utterly different garment designs, materials, and patterns, as per your desire. Basically, you give us the design; we’d take care of the rest. So, if you are trying to attract your customers with fascinating designs, then our custom clothing manufacturers will surely fulfill your requirements and meet your expectations.


Unlike most of the manufacturers in the industry, we do not have any order limit or quantity restriction. We start from as low as (50) pieces. A small quantity is a must to cater to consumers desire for uniqueness because nobody wants to be embarrassed by bumping into someone wearing the exact same outfit. That’s how “fast fashion” is born. If you have just entered the clothing industry and are looking for a “small quantity garment factory” or low MOQ then mamacloth INDIA is just the manufacturer you need. Other than small orders, we have great expertise in doing bulk production. During this process, we take special care of product quality and the timeline of the production process. We have an experienced team that provides full end to end “inception to closure” type of project management for our customers’ peace of mind. We pay attention to all the details carefully and make sure that all of your demands are met strictly. Our designers work alongside the team in a small quantity garment factory for checking every step and detail. We can work on your desired materials and/or make the right recommendations if it is required.


We provide product samples to our customers before starting bulk production and commencing. Some clients get satisfied in the first round, but some of them may ask for more samples to be sure of the outcome they need. At Mamacloth, we understand fashion items are essential products to be consumed. You can ask us to make amendments to the samples and the manufacturing will be started only after your approval.

As a brand, you may need different sizes in the same design. We can provide you with the desired range of sizes as per your targeted market segment/customer groups. For Instance, if your brand needs only three sizes (small, medium, large) then we can provide you three sizes but even if your brands need four or five variations (small, medium, large, XL, etc.) we can still provide you with the variations. You just have to inform us of the rough estimate of measurements and leave the rest to us. We will take care of your every requirement by staying within your budget and time frame.

Moreover, our services are not limited to brands or startups only. Anyone can buy our products or services at a wholesale rate (with the minimum order of 50pc) from our small clothing manufactures. We also have appreciable experience in introducing the startups by setting up e-commerce sites and retail shops for them. Most of the startups confront problems while reaching the minimum factory order, therefore at our platform, you can easily order products in smaller quantities.

Our prices are very reasonable. As compared to the industry, the charges for our services are cheaper and economical. Well, who doesn’t like to gain maximum profit and spend minimum money? The answer is “Everyone”. So, we are here to make you succeed in fulfilling your business desires so that you can save more bucks.

We provide our Services/products all over the world especially in INDIA and others country. Our craftsmen can adjust according to the market and customers of your brand. We have been serving many international clients and we are pleased to state that our customers have great remarks for our services. During shipping, every product is packed sensitively and it is made sure that no damage occurs to any product.

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Our mission:

Our mission is to grow exponentially with our clients by providing to them constantly that we are their best choice and at the same time we aim to play a major role in social-economic development by doing whatever we can with whatever we have.


  • We remain thankful to God for bestowing his ever growing blessing upon us.
  • We believe in constant improvement of self by learning and implementing.
  • We stay active and motivated towards our goal of providing what we promised.
  • We do what we say.
  • We value our associates’ integrity and dedication.

Our Belief

We believe that Smart dressing gives you a chance to emerge and establish an enduring first connection. This centre conviction directs the manner in which we run our organization, how we work with our collaborators, and how we connect with our customers. Since everybody has the right to fit right in, we provide you the best customization options for your attire.

Our Goal

Being the best, mamacloth endeavors to provide the most noteworthy quality workmanship. This is done under completely sweatshop free manufacturing conditions to ensure that our employees and customers remain happy because a happy organization and customer base is our top most priority

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Mamacloth has been proudly serving the apparel Industry and has risen above the industry standards of Clothing manufacturer India becoming the market leader. Mamacloth also stands above and tall as one of the trusted custom clothing manufacturers globally and is recognized among the list of top Custom Clothing manufacturers India.