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As a Clothing Manufacturing Company Mamacloth Apparel have assisted over 52 Small and Medium Clothing Brands in India and around 30 Small and Medium Clothing Brands World Wide, we have seen many clothing brands flourish and constantly contacting us for re-orders and we have seen clothing brands getting their inventory made and not able to sell it.In our manufacturing business the success is clearly when the clothing brand owner continuously re-order his stock and introduce many clothing designs, so in a way our success is tied to the success of clothing brand owner.

As simple as it may seem starting a successful Clothing Brand is a tricky process, and not everyone is aware of how to successfully run a Clothing Brand to success. We have put down some key points based on our experience enlightening our customers that how they can run their clothing business successfully or how to start your own clothing business.We Are Going To Cover This From The Idea Stage And Show The Steps Taken By Successful Clothing Brand Owners Based On Our Data.

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Selecting The Theme/ Genre Of Your Clothing Brand/ Targeted Audience

you are sure, that you are going to launch your clothing brand, decide a theme for it, decide how you want your brand to look and feel, like for example, a person who like nature he would want to target people who are nature loving, so for that it is necessary to have a nature based clothing designs and nature based clothing logo.

Some ideas of themes/ genre would be :

  1. Automotive Theme: Targeting People who love cars, bikes
  2. Aviation Theme: Targeting People who love Flying and like airplanes
  3. Boating Theme: Targeting People who loves ship, boats, even swimming, cruising
  4. Technology Theme: Targeting People who Loves Technology and everything associated with it.

Getting A Professionally Designed Clothing Logo (Creating Your Brand Identity)

After you have selected your theme, do not start designing your clothing line, instead first get a Professional Designed Logo based on your theme.

It is important to have a professional designer to design your clothing logo based on your targeted audience, because designing a logo is a complete science and it plays a key role as your identity, Logo Shows your customers many things subliminally, that is why a professional help in this matter is necessary.

Since it is difficult to find a professional logo designer having experience specially in clothing logo designs, our sister company Mama Logos, have specially launched logo design packages which are designed by Fashion Artists based on Fashion Industry Trends.

Deciding On Investment Budget For Clothing Brand And Its Allocation

It is very important that you have definite figure for your startup budget, it is not necessary that it should be high or low , but you need to know how much you are going to invest in starting your business , you may call it startup capital. You can also get an investor in this step to do the investment for you, but that would be an angel investor, someone you know have money and also have faith in your abilities, or you can also get an investor if you have a successful past track record of business.

We also guide our clothing brand customers into getting investment, but this happens after one successful run of the product, we have helped many customers show their product on Shark Tank and also have successfully launched their business on Kickstarter.

So basically it’s not the investment size that matters for the success of your clothing brand but rather the allocation and smart use of budget that matters most.

You can’t put all your budget in manufacturing it is not at all recommended for your clothing brand.

You need to create a ratio for spending, it is very necessary, because we saw this failure with our own eyes,that a clothing brand owner invested all their money into making inventory and did not invested in marketing.

The Ideal Ratio that we have worked out based on a survey from 100 successful clothing brand owners is as follows, it will help you a lot in deciding the complete marketing plan of your business.

5% Administrative | 60% Designing / Sampling / Manufacturing | 35% Marketing

So if your budget to start a clothing brand is 10,00000 INR, you would

keep 50000 IND for admin cost, 600000 IND for Manufacturing Cost and invest
350000 IND in Marketing to sell the product.

Mamacloth Apparel relationship managers are all trained in helping you out
with this kind of decision, besides just discussing manufacturing needs
with them, you can consider us as a strategic and manufacturing


Designing Your Clothing Line And Sampling And Getting Manufacturing Cost Idea

Now that you have decided on the target audience and have finalized your logo, you would need to design your clothing line, now here is the tricky thing, because you’re clothing ideas and basically dependent upon your budget, since it is the first time you are starting, you would need to have designs that sell out good and quickly. Mamacloth Apparel have professional Fashion Designers hired for clothing brands to give them unique ideas based on their requirements and make a great fashionable clothing line.

Mamacloth Apparel Fashion Designers works with the clothing brand owner to give him the most unique and hot selling item based on Industry research, we make Mockups with complete tech packs along with Digital Patterns and Fabric Recommendation

Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Clothing Business

(Know How to sell)

Now at this point, most of the clothing brand startup entrepreneurs, jumps to do a manufacturer search and miss out on creating a definite marketing plan first.

We would say having a marketing Plan is almost 60% Success in all businesses, and it is 80% success in In Clothing Business, you would understand this when you would go out to buy a 11 IND Denim for 120 IND in the market

It is about correcting the 4 ‘p’ s of marketing


Now most of the clothing brand owner start this by online marketing or going to an event to sell their products

You already decided on the placement when you selected your target audience, and you have finalized your product when you designed your clothing line, Now the promotion part is remaining, you don’t need to select on price yet since you still don’t have an accurate idea of cost for manufacturing so that leave us to only one part.

How will you sell your Clothing line?

There are many options, some area listed below :

How to start a clothing brand

1. Contacting retailers to put your product on display

2. Opening up your own physical Shop

3. Setting up an Online store

4. Peer to Peer Marketing

5. Advertising on Google, Bing , other search engines

6. Advertisement on Social Networks, Facebook , Instagram

7. Blogging

If you are not sure how you would want to sell your product, you can take an appointment with our Marketing specialist from Zega Logos, who can guide you to sell your products quickly, we have this in place because if you sell more, we would produce more which will create a win-win situation for both of us. Mamacloth logos have expertise in doing google advertisement, Facebook/ Instagram advertisement, email marketing and postal marketing

Custom Clothing Manufacturing

You would find a lot of information on manufacturing since we are ourselves custom clothing manufacturer setup for small and medium businesses, so you can get all the manufacturing solution in one place.

You can go through our site and talk to our apparel consultant with respect to manufacturing cost and shipping.

Continuous Product Development

Now once you have sold your first design batch, it will increase your chances of success to more than 60%. Now is the part that you need to re-invest your profit in business and increase your customer base.

You may get good investment at this point from investors, because many venture capitalist firms are eagerly looking for successful clothing entrepreneurs.

All-Inclusive Resource for Custom Clothing Manufacturers

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Our Manufacturing Ability

Mamacloth’s factory unit proudly manufactures Custom Shirts, T-Shirts, Cut and Sew Jeans, Custom Embroidered Polo, Custom Zipper or Plain Hoodies, Cut and Sew Sweat Shirts, Special Tailored Skirts, Cut and Sew Special Leggings, Custom pants, Socks and much more. We offer you top of line services related to Cut and Sew Manufacturers. We can almost guarantee 100% customization of your apparel, our skilled and experienced production team makes custom patterns, perform grading and further make changes as per your garments manufacturing requirements.

Easy and Friendly Work Flow for Creative People

Mamacloth factory has the ability to provide good services for Custom Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Brands and Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers India using just sketches or organized Tec Packs. We also design and make Corporate Logo Apparel for companies all around the world. Quality is what defines us and our work. We work well with both recognized brands and start-up apparel designers.

Talk to our Apparel Consultant regarding your next big move,

Lowest MOQ Manufacturing and Global Approach

Mamacloth is one of the leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing Company in India and providing low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 Pcs per design. In the last many years we have provided Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Printing and Embroidery services to many clothing brands worldwide including various T Shirt, shirt, pants, sport wear and saree Manufacturers in  as well. Most of them started their first order with us and have grown into becoming great clothing manufacturers brands within their country.

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Customizing Your Apparel

Being one of the largest Custom Clothing Manufacturers in the India,  Mamacloth aims to become a one-stop solution for all businesses by not only providing Custom Apparel Manufacturing but also offering customers with various options of printing and embroidery. We offer as many as 12 color Screen Printing abilities at your disposal, furthermore, we can also provide you with Embroidery for a low minimum of only 50 pcs.

Check all the customization options.

We Source and Knit Custom Fabrics

We also source fabrics from our customers, as per their requirements. Mamacloth offers you the ability to have Custom Fabric Knitted for clothing brands with a low minimum order quantity of 200 Pcs.

We have a sourcing requirement, contact Us.

Custom Casual Dyeing Option

We also provide Clothing Manufacturers with an option to avail Custom Tie Dye Clothing, Custom Dip Dye Apparel, and Custom Acid Wash Clothing as well.

Custom Labelling and Hangtags

Mamacloth gives Clothing Brands the option to choose from various custom labels for their apparel designs. We offer you a low MOQ Custom Heat Pasted Labels, Custom Steel Embossed Labels, Custom Woven labels, Tyvek Labels, Satin Labels, and Cotton Fabric Labels to our clothing brands and clientele worldwide.


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